It’s time to modernize federal prison education programs

Higher Education in Prison–click on “entrepreneurship programs” in the third paragraph of the story and it takes you to the PEP website.

CNBC Features PEP

Posted: April 5, 2017 by wamjr60 in About PEP

CNBC recently interviewed Bert Smith and Charles Hearne for an article about the impact of PEP.

CNBC Features PEP




Elizabeth English of the American Enterprise Institute has just written a wonderful paper that is a very in-depth explanation of the PEP program.



Baylor Story on MBA Students and PEP!

Posted: December 7, 2016 by wamjr60 in About PEP

PEP has had a great partnership with Baylor, and the relationship continues to grow as more and more MBA students join us inside and as Business Plan Advisors.



Here’s a great article about Jeff Offutt, owner of JITA Printing, the role of PEP in his life, and Silver Fox Advisors.

Forbes Article about PEP

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Charles Blain is a regular PEP volunteer, and is the Executive Director of Restore Justice USA, a project of Empower Texas.



US News Article Mentions the Importance of PEP

Posted: June 30, 2016 by wamjr60 in About PEP

From our friends at the American Enterprise Institute, a recent opinion on the importance of prison education programs mentions PEP.

From the New York Times, June 3, 2016


A Brother Helps a Brother

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The business plan competition event is the capstone of each and every class inside the Cleveland and Estes facilities. All of the participants work diligently towards becoming one of the final four men who will have the enviable and daunting task of pitching the business plan they have created to a room full of C-suite executives and their peers. And while every graduate of PEP is victorious, only one will emerge the winner of the business plan competition. Read the rest of this entry »