PEP Challenge Thermometer - 3-1-2012Great news — we are now OVER HALFWAY  towards our goal of raising $110,000 to meet the “Directors’ Challenge Grant” for PEP!

(Read more about this challenge here)

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have raised over $60,000 in commitments within the past two weeks. These gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the PEP Board of Directors.

It’s not too late to donate!

Our directors will match every commitment of at least $100 that is made before March 31, 2012. This includes recurring gifts whose annual value is at least $100 — for example, registering to donate $10/month will immediately secure a $120 match for PEP.

This challenge grant came in recognition of the ground-breaking results that we announced earlier this year:

  • PEP’s official return-to-prison rate among graduates dropped from “less than 10%” to “less than 5%”!
  • PEP’s employment rate stayed at a remarkable 100% within 90 days of release from prison!
  • In fact, on average, it only took 26 days for our graduates to find a job … from prison to paycheck in less than one month!

Entrepreneurship is also increasing among our recent graduates. Our graduates have now started over 100 businesses, at least one of which is grossing over $1 million in annual revenue! Several other graduate-owned businesses are generating sales in the mid-six figures . . . proving that ex-offenders make excellent entrepreneurs if provided the support, guidance and encouragement that they need to succeed.

Join the PEP revolution — donate at least $100 today at!

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