PEP Grads volunteer to serve the homeless

Click to see photos from the day of service at Palmer Memorial.

Among PEP’s Ten Driving Values is  the value of a “Servant-Leader Mentality.”

PEP’s staff, volunteers and donors pour tremendous resources into the lives of our men. Each graduate of our program is the recipient of thousands of hours of coaching, encouragement and support in addition to significant financial support.

These resources are seeds of hope that are planted in fertile ground — as exemplified in this March 8, 2012 letter from our partners at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church:

“This letter is to say thank you.

On Saturday, March 3, a group of (graduates from the Prison Entrepreneurship Program) came to our church campus to restore the crushed granite foot trail used by the 400 homeless folks we feed every morning of the week at our Way Station. The project involved removing debris from the foot trail, adding steel edging, adding and compacting crushed granite. The project took your men most of the day to complete.

I personally spent some time with your crew and found the, to be cheerful, hard working and enthusiastic about their work. Their ministry to our church is a blessing and greatly appreciated.

I would also like to say thank you for the wonderful work that (PEP) does in behalf of the men you minister to.

God bless you,

Ken Brown
Chair, St. Joseph’s Guild
Palmer Memorial Episcopalian Church”

Thank you to all of you for making this transformation possible — turning ex-offenders into vehicles of hope in the lives of the homeless, and all of us who seek better lives for ourselves and our neighbors.

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