PEP Graduation

CEO Bert Smith with PEP Graduate

PEP was born on May 24, 2004 — now eight years ago! As we prepare for Class 17 to graduate from our program on June 8, we want to take a moment to thank each of you for making this anniversary possible.

Together, we have helped over 700 men to walk across the graduation stage at PEP! With a diploma in one hand and a business plan in the other, our graduates were released to the world as transformed men.

They are now better fathers to over 2,000 children.

They are more supportive husbands. More loving sons. More faithful friends.

They are dedicated employees — which has helped their PEP brothers to achieve a 100% employment rate within 90 days of release from prison for the past five quarters!

They are hard-working entrepreneurs — which has inspired over 100 of their PEP brothers to actively launch the businesses that they developed while in prison. Today, we have a number of businesses generating 6- and 7-figure sales that were once nothing more than a dream in the heart of a man who sat in prison.

They are inspirations to all of us. While nearly 25% of  Texas prisoners return to prison within three years, fewer than 5% of PEP’s released graduates do so.

Through their commitment to living transformed lives, these men are walking witnesses to the power of PEP’s Ten Driving Values.

Thank you for being a part of the PEP Revolution!

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