PEP GraduationAll gifts are precious to PEP, but those that come from our participants and their families are especially meaningful. Each year, PEP receives thousands of dollars in donations from the men whose lives have directly benefited from PEP’s work. Their commitment to sustaining our mission is a true inspiration to our whole team.

Lately, we have also been humbled by the generosity of our participants’ families. One of our faithful monthly donors is a woman whose husband recently walked across the Class 17 graduation stage. When we thanked her for her gift, she replied:

“The PEP graduation was the most special, warm, thoughtful, genuine, love-filled, spirit-filled and emotional public gathering I have ever experienced. I felt the presence of God in that place & through the wonderful PEP family. My goodness, I could not get over how each person was treated so well and with so much integrity. I LOVED seeing men love and support each other with no egos in the way. I fought back happy, joyful, peaceful tears during the whole ceremony. I left feeling SO INSPIRED! PEP has not only changed my husband’s life but it has changed mine, as well. How can I ever say thank you enough!?”

Thank you to each of you for making such stories possible!

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