After receiving our October eNewsletter announcing The Washington Post’s article about PEP, one of our Class 16 graduates emailed us the following note:

I enjoyed that article very much. I am so thankful for PEP and all that it has done and is still doing for me. It has changed my life completely to say the least. And it’s only possible because of people such as yourself who are willing to pour your heart into the  program.

Where would I be today if not for PEP? Who knows? But I do know this much: PEP equipped me with all the skills and knowledge that I’ve always wanted to attain in order to be a successful entrepreneur.

And that’s not even the best part. The character building was where I believe that I benefited the most from. The program really works if you are willing to let it work in your life. The same way a doctor can hand you a medicine and you can either choose to take it or not to take it. PEP works.

Once again, thank you PEP and all of the volunteers for your exorbitant love and belief in us. God Bless.

– Christopher

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