Magnetic PEP: It will grab you!

Strange as it may seem…this is true…

I worked for a publically traded software company managing their sales internationally here in the USA. A client from New Zealand was visiting the company here in Texas for a demonstration of the system. Prior to his arrival, I requested a list of Texas highlights he wished to visit. Being a foreigner myself: I assumed he would want to visit the local tourist landmarks: of which there are more than just NASA.

Nope – the list arrived on email one morning and he had requested I set up a meeting with a non-profit called PEP. OK…Where to go from here? I Googled it – asked around and soon to find out it – was located not far from the office. I could swallow this as a client treat –with no expectations on my side.

Three weeks later – I found myself sitting in the boardroom of the PEP office in Houston listening to a very passionate employee describe the vision, objectives and reason for the existence of PEP.
Hours later – I found myself thanking my client for the surest gift I could ever receive and be infinitely grateful for…

I had spent 14 years in South Africa – with little success visiting prisoners with no families. I spent a further 2.5 years visiting foreigners in prison detained in Thailand awaiting the King’s pardon for their release with very little success. Embassies around the globe fighting hard to retain their citizens and return them home, with very little influence – was my constant expose to failure.

The gift of my client introduced me to: PEP – who are way stronger than any embassy I had worked with .Through their unconditional efforts to empower the PEP inmates to own their own future’s and deliver themselves to freedom – PEP lives and breeds statistical success. Visiting the Cleveland Unit, experiencing the success and the pure interaction with the folk is an honor and fulfills my need to understand prosperity in its simplest form.

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