Class 18 Graduation

Class 18 Graduation

Please take a moment to read the following letter from the mother of one of our Class 18 graduates:

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks for what I was able to witness on Friday, December 8, 2012 at the Cleveland Unit. I often think back on the day my son went into custody and the day he stood before the Judge, how I felt. Surrounded by my family and my Pastor, prayers began to go forth.

From that day forth I spent many sleepless nights worrying and asking God to take of “my Child”. Yes, I know he is a grown man but he is my only son.

Growing up in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and still attending and being very active, I had to realize God did not need my help for this path was chosen to direct my son’s thinking.

I heard many things during the PEP conference call and on Friday, December 8, that made me realize he must take these next steps on his own. I truly believe his surroundings the past 5 to 6 months showed him a different look at himself and what he needs to do and be about.

To know that there are men and women that are truly concerned about people who are incarcerated is eye opening.

To see the proud faces of not only my son but the other men was incredible.

The PEP Program deserves all the accolades and accreditation it receives as I know it was a blessing to my family and my son. Everyone was so appreciative and excited about everything that had gone forth.

Again, I thank you for being concerned.

— Tara M., Mother of a Graduate from the Extraordinary Class 18

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