The worst news that a parent can receive is that they have lost a child. But imagine if you received such news on the first day of a long prison sentence. What would you do if you knew that you had not only lost a child, but that it would be years before you could even visit their grave?

Please take a few minutes to watch Fabian M. share his story. He was the winner of PEP’s Class 17 Business Plan Competition, but his greater accomplishment is what he shares here about the loss of his son and his pursuit of a new life.

  1. britanie says:

    Fabian, thank you for sharing your story- for being real and for reminding all of us we are only human, we make mistakes, but there is ALWAYS hope for change and for redemption… we can at anytime redirect our path !!! Amen to you brother and keep on keeping on!

  2. Ashlee Saenz says:

    Uncle Fabian I wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you for your accomplishments. I pray for you everyday I do not blame you nor aunt melissa for fabian jr. (boo) death we have all made mistakes some more then others and in our family you know how it is. “Boo” is in a better place uncle fabian he is our gardian angel now he watches over us everyday even though we may not be able to hear or see him, he will never leave us. I love you uncle fabian keep your head up and tears back boo woulnd’t want us to hurt for him!!

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