Tamir Kalifa / Texas Tribune

Tamir Kalifa / Texas Tribune

We are very grateful that the world is paying more and more attention to our work, which we believe presents a replicable model for addressing many of the challenges facing the prison system. Here is a recap of some of our recent media coverage for those who missed it:

New York Times: “Starting New Businesses Behind Bars Creates an Incentive for Texas Inmates

Texas Tribune: “Inmates Bank on Business Program for a New Start” (extended version of above)

Texas Tribune: “Slideshow: Turning Prisoners Into Entrepreneurs

Forbes: “Texas Prisoners Learn Business Skills, But Are Education Programs Behind Bars In Decline?

NJ.com: “Incarceration: to Punish or to Help?

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Prison program unlocks business talents” (republication of NYT article above)

Waco Tribune: “Baylor helps prepare prisoners for business in study program” (also republished on The Baylor Lariat)

Houston Chronicle: “Entrepreneur program serves as ladder out of Texas prisons

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