Class 18 Selling Night

A photo from last class’s “Selling with Purpose” event. Click to see more.

Later this month, Class 19 will have its “Selling with Purpose” event on Friday, April 19 from 11:30 – 5:00 pm. This event gives our participants the opportunity to present their Business Plan to our executive volunteers as potential business contacts. This fast-paced event involves volunteers hearing one-on-one “sales pitches” in a speed-dating format. Volunteers then grade the presenters so that they can strengthen their approach over the final months of the program, all in preparation for the ultimate test before graduation.

The very next day – Saturday, April 20 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm – the guys return to the PEP Classroom for our Business Plan Workshop. During this event, they will get their hands dirty on improving their pitches and their plans while working one-on-one with executive volunteers to respond to the written and oral feedback the participants received on their business plans the prior day. These back-to-back events combine to make good business plans even better!

(Register to attend either event here.)

In preparation for these events, the guys on the unit are getting ready for an intense “Integrity Selling” class this Friday. The class is taught by long-time volunteers (and members of PEP’s Dallas Advisory Board) Steve Hausman and David Rains, as well as other executives who will be joining them. These tremendous volunteers help our participants not only learn how to hone their salesmanship skills, but how to cultivate relationships with customers that stand on a firm foundation of personal integrity. Our goal is not just to make our participants better salesmen … but better MEN overall.

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