sherif alghaliClass 17’s valedictorian, Sherif Alghali, just launched a blog to share his adventures as he pursues the launch of his own business after release from prison. Follow him here to join his journey as he seeks to open Best Ice Cream:

If you would like to help our graduates like Sherif to turn their business plans into reality, please contact us! There are many ways to get involved, including:

Once you’ve been to prison, you can then get involved as a mentor or a teacher in our Tuesday evening eSchool (“Entrepreneurship School”) classes in both the Houston and Dallas areas.

Thank you, Sherif, for sharing your story with us! We hope it inspires more of your PEP brothers to pursue their own business, and that it helps our volunteers to see what an impact they can make on our program.

  1. nick says:

    Sherif Alghali was in class 17! Just Saying… Have a great day “Life’s Better Than Good”


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