PEP CauseVox fundraising page

Click here to visit our PEP fundraising page on CauseVox

Great news! We now have the ability for our graduates and supporters to set up their own fundraising page to support PEP.

(For example, one of our supporters is getting married and told us that they would ask their wedding guests to make a donation to PEP in lieu of a gift to them. They will be able to set up a page on this site to facilitate all of that at no cost to them!)

Please check it out here:

It takes less than 5 minutes to create your own fundraising page. Here is how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create a fundraising page” (the big green button on the right below the headline “Make a Difference”)
  3. Fill in your email and create a password, then click “Create my fundraising page”
  4. Go to your email’s Inbox and look for the email from “Prison Entrepreneurship Program <>”
  5. Open this email and click the link in it
  6. Login using the email address and password that you entered in step #3
  7. Setup your profile by adding your name/location and uploading a photo of yourself; this is very important so that people know it is really your page, and not just PEP’s page
  8. After this, follow the directions that appear on the screen
  9. Once you are finished, click the link underneath “My Fundraising Page” (i.e. “”)
  10. Then share the link to this page on Facebook/other social media … and also email it to your friends and family and ask them to consider a gift.

Here is an easy goal to aim for: raise $190 … that is, ten gifts of $19 in honor of Class 19. If even a small number of our  friends did this, we could raise tens of thousand dollars for PEP!

Thank you for supporting our movement to transform prisons!

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