participants MLK quoteLast week, we shared the results of our graduate survey with our Dallas Advisory Board.

We showed them some impressive results — like the fact that 30% of our graduates have pursued their own business, and that 89% of those businesses are still open. We also quickly mentioned that 92% of our graduates kept in touch with at least one other person from PEP regularly.

Before we could move on, one of our advisors stopped us. “Wait a minute, repeat that???”

The staff looked at each other for a minute. We then described how, among the hundreds of men surveyed, only a handful said they did not keep in touch with anyone they met in the program.

This particular advisor was floored. While he is a successful entrepreneur today, he was once a prison inmate himself (before PEP existed). He shared that he spent around a decade locked up, but had not heard from a single person whom he knew in prison in the nearly 20 years since his release.

“You don’t make friends in prison. Allies, maybe, but not friends. If you guys are telling me that almost all of your graduates are staying in touch with someone from the program …. that’s … that’s just amazing.”


Just one more way that PEP is transforming prison, thanks to your support!

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