Hire PEP GraduatesSince May of 2010, every single PEP graduate who has worked with our re-entry team has found a job within 90 days of release from prison. By contrast, the average ex-offender has a nearly 40% unemployment rate after 12 months … yet 100% of PEP’s graduates are employed in the first three months.

In fact, the average time “from prison to paycheck” is only 24 days. Most of our graduates land a job within their first month!

How do we do this? With your help!

PEP supporters provide valuable introductions to prospective employers as well as endorsements for our graduates. If you would like to see the graduates who are now seeking employment, please visit our “PEP Works” page:

Here are the current graduates seeking employment. For information on any of these gentlemen (including their resumes), contact Greg Moore in Houston at GMoore@PEP.org or Gami Jasso in Dallas at GJasso@PEP.org.


This past  July 4th,  many Americans got to celebrate their  “freedom” that was earned by their forefathers before them. Also this past 4th of July, three recently released PEP graduates got to celebrate a different type of  “freedom” that they earned serving their time.  Freedom from the prison walls that have held them captive since they were 16 years old. These three graduates, now in their 20’s and one who is 36 are looking for work that will help them start a new life.  Though they had jobs in prison they have no practical experience in this new “free world” they are entering.  Their only work experience is from inside prison and this makes it difficult when looking for work.  They need your help to find what will be essentially, their first job. With that first job these men can build a foundation for “genuine freedom”.  Having said that let me introduce  them to you:

Jorge C. 

  • RELEASED :  6/25/2013
  • SEEKING : Full time position in warehousing.
  • EXPERIENCE : Had multiple jobs in TDCJ, but worked the longest period of time in a warehouse as a clerk. So a job in Shipping and Receiving would be perfect.

Thuy D.

  • RELEASED : 6/4/2013
  • SEEKING :  Part time or 2nd shift work. (Wants to go to school in morning for technical training)
  • EXPERIENCE : While at TDCJ he worked in the kitchen and also in the carpentry shop. He likes to work out, so his dream job is as a personal trainer.

Christopher H. 

  • RELEASED : 7/5/2013
  • SEEKING : Full time position
  • EXPERIENCE : Primarily worked as a janitor in TDCJ. Willing and eager to work most any type of job where he can learn a  skill that he can develop into a career..


Thomas R.

  • RELEASED: 5/10/2013
  • SEEKING: Full time Printing, Warehouse or call center
  • EXPERIENCE: 15yrs in Printing, 5yrs shipping and receiving inventory control; 6 months call center  40 +wpm.

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