Progress towards securing the $100K match as of 5-22-2013

Progress towards securing the $100K match as of 5-22-2013

You value the work that we are doing at PEP. And since we know that you want us to be successful, we need your help.

Can we count on you for a $10 donation?

Here is some incentive:

Every dollar that you donate before July 19, 2013 will be MATCHED one-to-one (up to $100K). So if you can donate $10 to PEP, our board will donate another $10 — doubling your impact.

Some ways that your funds could change lives:

  • $10 could provide a new Toastmasters book to a man entering our next Business Plan Competition class, helping him to make 120+ presentations of his pitch in front of others;
  • $25 …  financial literacy curriculum / textbook to teach him  how to manage his money after release;
  • $100 … college-level entrepreneurship textbook to teach him how to open his own business after release;
  • $250 … “Fresh Start Kit” that includes a suit, work clothes, toiletries, an executive portfolio for interviews and everything that he needs to get his life re-stabilized after release from prison;
  • $500 … eSchool bonus to reimburse him for investing in his business after earning his second diploma from PEP
  • $1,500 … fully sponsors an incarcerated participant’s quest for their college Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University through PEP

To see who has already donated, please visit


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