Families cheering for their graduate

Congratulations to the following PEP graduates, who earned their second diploma from PEP in April or May by graduating from our post-release Entrepreneurship School (“eSchool”).

  • Kevin B., Houston (Class 18)
  • Christopher M., Houston (Class 16)
  • Anthony N., Houston (Class 16)
  • Justin L., Houston (Class 18)
  • Armando P., Houston (Class 17)
  • Sherif A., Dallas (Class 17)
  • Eric A., Houston (Class 18)
  • Tim C., Dallas (Class 18)

eSchool is a continuing education program offered every Tuesday evening in both Dallas and Houston for PEP’s released graduates. Many of them are newly released from prison and working incredibly hard to rebuild their lives — plus, 100% of them find a job within 90 days of release from prison, so making the additional commitment to attend these classes is very admirable.

Later this fall, we will celebrate their accomplishments at the eSchool Graduation dinner in Houston. More details to come, but please email Al Massey if you would like more info on the event.

For now, please join us in celebrating these graduates’ completion of this second step in the journey towards entrepreneurship!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go!

    John Younker

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