We received the following note from one of our participants, Sedrick S., and wanted to share it:

I would like to thank everyone in the PEP organization for being a part in restoring me and my daughter’s relationship. Without God, and the efforts of PEP this would not have happened.

I received a letter from my daughter saying she believes everybody deserves a second chance no matter what they’ve done in the past and all she wants from me is to be in her life. I honestly believe within my heart that the hard effort and the time the organization puts in to make sure every father’s kids are thought of around the holidays is just a blessing.

I’ve never had this opportunity to be in my daughter’s life. I’m excited! She’s my only daughter at the age of 15. It’s the thought that counts and the things the organization does. For example, what just happened to me along with all the other relationships you have restored within families.

Thank You for being a part of a father and daughter’s blessing. We both have been waiting for the last 15 years. God Bless.

  1. Charles Neal says:

    I’ve known Sedrick several years now. I knew deep down, he was a man with a hidden loving heart. We all showed our tough guy attitude, but a man with a big heart can’t stay hidden long. I recognized that about Sedrick, through (2) Texas Units.
    Sedrick, stay true to your heart and make that precious daughter proud of her Dad. I believe in you, as a brother in Christ!

  2. Sherry Pfaffenberg says:

    Love you PEP, building Faith, Forgiveness and Families! Sedrick, this is wonderful, it is never too late! Keep us posted if you can. Every child needs a father.

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