Salah Boukadoum

Salah Boukadoum

Wise advice from our friend Salah Boukadoum, CEO of Soap Hope, for our soon-to-be-graduates of Class 19 … (a strong fit with one PEP’s 10 Driving Values … ‘servant leadership mentality’):

We all want our lives to be meaningful, and many people spend their lives searching for meaning in money, glory, fame, respect, or experiences … not realizing that a meaningful life is simple to achieve. If you serve others by empowering those who are in need, your life will be meaningful.

I recommend to all entrepreneurs, to think -and act – every day not only on how your business can make money and serve you and your family – but also how your business can serve those who are less fortunate than you. I promise you, if you do this every day, your business will be transformed for you, your customers, your employees, and for those who you serve, and your business will bring true meaning to your life.

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