class 19 bpc

John returns to prison to visit his PEP brothers.

John had always been a talented salesman, but his addiction had destroyed his marriage and landed him in prison.

But thanks to the generosity of donors like you, he was able to win a spot in PEP’s Class 19 and earn his Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University in June 2013.

“More importantly, PEP helped me to finally realize that I had a greater purpose,” John recently told a group of our supporters.

When he was released from prison last month, his ex-wife refused to let him speak with their children. Thankfully, PEP taught him to patiently focus on earning back her trust. He worked on proving that he was a changed man through his actions. And, thanks to an introduction from someone like you, he recently landed a job as the first felon ever hired by a car dealer here in Dallas.

John recently attended a PEP “Family Dinner” in Dallas for PEP’s graduates and volunteers. During the dinner, he shared two things with everyone in the room.

First, he showed them an online review from his first customer – someone who had previously left the dealership. The customer shared that John’s authentic nature had convinced him to give the dealership a second chance. John not only won back the man’s trust, but ended up selling him a car. That afternoon, John’s manager actually called our donor to thank him for sending over “a great employee.”

But better still, John tearfully told the group that his ex-wife had finally allowed him to speak with their children again. And now, his little girl asks to speak to her Daddy on the phone every night before she falls asleep … wanting his voice to be the last thing she hears before going to bed.

John was released from prison on June 6, 2013. Donations from people like you provided him with a place to live, access to continuing education through PEP’s Tuesday evening classes and a strong case manager to support his successful re-entry into the free world.

More importantly, your gift is helping him to pursue his greater purpose – living each day as the joyful, loving man that he was born to be.

Your investment makes stories like this possible. Please click here to donate today.

  1. Ken Bright says:

    Great Work in the battle in the Re-entry process. PEOPLE CAN CHANGE AND WITH THE HELP OF THE GREATER SOCIETY ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Keep up the great work.

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