PEP Case Manager Wilbert Peter and Roderrick

One of our awesome graduates Roderrick B. landed a job within 48 hours of release from prison. But he didn’t stop there — and along the journey to finding an even better job, he was challenged in a way he never could have imagined.

Check out this this story that he shared on Facebook, which we’ve adapted here for our blog:

Doing the right thing is catching on. Now, let me show you how this all works.

I went to the ATM at the bank last night to check my account right after getting a job lead. And guess what happens? Out of nowhere, the person before me left their debit card in the machine with the account still active. The machine has a nice account balance showing on the screen and is waiting for a withdrawal.

I am a former Credit Card thief. I could have drained the account. That was a dream come true.

But I didn’t. This morning, I turned the card into the bank and got ready for my job interview instead.

It all went well, and even though I have no experience … I got a four dollar raise over my current job. Plus, I get 401k, paid vacation and a full benefits package with medical and dental.

I have been out of prison three weeks today. I have to ride a bike everywhere. Before PEP, my response to that ATM would have been a different story.

But I am now a new hired member of a team with a good job. All is well — so don’t tell me what GOD can and can’t do; I only know what He will do as long as you are faithful.

  1. Anonymous says:

    the power of God is all i can ay

  2. Much Congratulations on making the right decision. As you already know, the devil remains busy and oops, just like that he could have had you. You are an inspiration to many and this story should have made National News!

  3. Kristy says:

    What an amazing man you have become! I’m so very proud of you and all your achievements. Keep up the great work and it won’t be long until you start influencing others to make the same wonderful life changing decisions. To God be the glory!

  4. Joebert Kehana Weno says:

    You are a reality of change. We all cannot change our past but we can change our futures by the very choices we make today whether to live in the past or the future. You chose change and you did. Praise God for your life and experience.

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