eSchool class in Houston

eSchool class in Houston

One of our graduates, Justin M., recently shared this note about eSchool — “Entrepreneurship School,” a continuing education program that PEP offers for graduates who have been released from prison. We have adapted for this blog:

“The greatest lesson I have learned from attending eSchool is ‘slow-cooker, not microwave.’

When I was incarcerated, I had all my goals and plans laid out and I imagined taking off like a rocket when I was released. But while in prison, I had lost sense of real-world time. I forgot how much time work and family and day-to-day living consume. So finding time to work on my new goals became frustratingly slow, it seemed.

Sure, I was moving up and on, bringing my family with me, but not even close to the pace I was planning and expecting. Then I heard from two executives on two different nights at eSchool, the phrase ‘slow-cooker, not microwave.’ It made me realize that I was trying to put rocket fuel in a vehicle that requires regular gas. It made me realize that, Hey, I am still going to get there, as long as I have my foot on the pedal, and I can enjoy the scenery on the way.

The greatest challenge I have overcome since joining PEP is the ability to form goals and spend time pursuing them, rather than participating in things that only pulled me down in life. I have achieved several goals since being released. Multiple raises at my job, purchasing a vehicle (finally getting off that bicycle!), time with family, moving to the suburbs from a tiny apartment. The biggest goal I have achieved is forming an LLC and launching my business. Of course, that one is ongoing!”

Read similar testimonials from other graduates here.

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