Believe in yourself -- lessons from prisoners

PEP Graduate, Ricky L., being interviewed on the radio about his involvement in PEP.

One of our graduates, Ricky L., recently shared this note, which we have adapted for this blog:

“Let me clear a few things up.

I was released from prison 8 months ago with only 100 dollars and two bags of clothes. I was working a temporary job within 2 days of release, then found a steady job within a month.

I am still employed, obtained my driver’s license, and just moved into a huge town home. All my bills are in my name, never late, and I pay my 12 year old’s phone bill every month. I also went to continuing education every Tuesday night through the Prison Entrepreneurship Program’s ‘eSchool’ program and was able to graduate with my second diploma from P. E. P.

I’m a man, and with Gods blessing I can’t fail.

I have ridden a bike in the heat and rain to achieve all this.

I won’t quit, I wont back down, and I don’t give up.

I believe in myself.”

We believe in you too, Ricky! Thank you for your dedication to building an inspiring life.

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