This is an update to a graduate we previously profiled here.

John Mathews was released from prison last June. He “recidivated” within 45 minutes … only this time, he was wearing a tie and coming into prison voluntarily because he wanted to walk across the graduation stage with his PEP brothers!


His dedication caught the attention of one of our volunteers, David Blanchard. David started mentoring John when he returned to Dallas, and even put in a good word for John at one of the largest car dealerships in North Texas.

They had never hired a felon before, but said they would “take a risk” on John. That was only about 90 days ago.

Turns out, it wasn’t a bad risk … John was just named their “Salesman of the Month” for September!

John M. - Salesman of the Month

John M. – Salesman of the Month

Your support of PEP is transforming lives. Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

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  1. Congratulations John! Love the ‘award’ but the real reward is how you have made the decision to be a whole new you! Proud of you! Also proud of the car dealer. What you both have done is so healing and energizing for the community and those to come after you. PEP, hugs all around! -annie lindstrom, FL

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