Earlier today, graduates from the Prison Entrepreneurship Program spoke to 130 middle school students at Walipp Academy, a charter school in Houston’s 3rd ward. The school was not far from where one of these graduates grew up, and he was able to speak to the students about his life story.

After the graduates each told their stories, they answered questions from the students.

Check out these photos of PEP Graduates “walking the walk” and living out PEP’s Ten Driving Values in a way that will change the lives of others!

  1. This is just good and marvelous work done by PEP. We pray for more better results in the future in Jesus name.

  2. We salute the graduands and all the staff of PEP for the achievements so far and we pray for more graduands to be part of this [program in Jesus name.

  3. MelMaltz@aol.com says:

    FFantastic report and job done by Graduates. My problem was the picture being so small I could not identify any of the participants. Nevertheless, Congratulations to all for this excellent use of the Driving Values. Melvin

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