$15,000 more to go

Posted: December 31, 2013 by Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) in About PEP, PEP Supporters
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Click here to donate to PEP.

Click here to donate to PEP.

PEP is 100% privately funded, so your donations drive all of our results … and what results they are!

You helped us to celebrate our 1,000th graduate this year!

You equipped our graduates to maintain a 100% employment rate within 90 days of release from prison … with almost  3/4 of them employed within the first month!

You supported the launch of our 150th graduate-owned business!

And best of all, you made amazing stories possible … like these testimonials that we have shared on the blog.

WOW! You have made quite an impact!

In about four weeks, we expect to launch our largest class ever. But we need your renewed help to do so.

We are about $15,000 short of our goal for the year. Whatever amount you can contribute, we need your help. You can donate online today at www.PEP.org/Donate.

Can we count on you before the end of the year?

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