Genie Erneta Etiquette

Genie sharing lunch with a PEP participant at a prior Etiquette Event

Our amazing friend Genie Erneta from TGS has been a loyal volunteer and donor to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program for many years. As a member of our Houston Advisory Board, she has challenged us to think more strategically about our expansion while continuing to encourage our growth. She also has an incredible knack for inspiring her peers to deepen their own support for PEP!

Case in point:
We recently told our Houston Advisory Board about our need to secure a sponsor for our upcoming Excellence in Etiquette event on Friday, March 21, 2014. This is one of our participants’ favorite events because they get to share a nice meal with our volunteers — for most, the best meal that they have ever had in prison (a meal that PEP must pay for). Having attended the event several times, Genie has seen the impact that this opportunity can create for both the participants and the volunteers. She immediately shouted out “I’ll sponsor it!”

Others soon followed her lead by offering to sponsor future events. Thank you, Genie, for all that you do for PEP!

Join Genie in prison:
If you would like to learn why Genie is such a big fan of this event, go to and register to join us!

  1. Thank You Genie for your steadfast love, caring and compassion. My friend, Bryan H. Kelley is in the program, he will graduate in June (Class 21), and then he will be released in July on parole.
    I thank God for the PEP Program and all of the men and woman who contribute to the success and development of this God given Program!
    Sincerely and with Respect,
    David Wesley Kreger
    Dallas, Texas

  2. […] are grateful to our dear friend Genie Erneta for sponsoring this event (including the best meal served this year within the Cleveland […]

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