Calling all PEP supporters!

Graduate Corey M. has been approved for a $5,000 loan for his organic gardening business in Houston. He now needs YOUR help to raise the loan capital.

This is loan (NOT a donation). You can invest as little as $5 and you will be paid back over two years through Kiva.

Will you invest at least $5 today?

Learn more here:

  1. Sherry Pfaffenberg says:

    I am very happy to see Corey change his life style in so many ways. I too remember that wonderful taste of organic tomatoes! Giving a loan to Corey via Kiva for PEP graduates is a win/win opportunity. Soon we will have a Kiva-PEP account to continue paying it forward. I would encourage anyone including PEP Graduates to start small, LOAN when you can and then see what we can do for our PEP Community. I am calling it our VISION account. The Pep Force is growing in leaps and bounds and we are growing with you!!! This is our small way to help the MEN in this world change dramatically via this AMAZING organization.

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