This year, PEP is very proud to announce that our Houston Employer of the Year is Cedric Hornbuckle … the charismatic leader behind Moved by Love, LLC.

(Cedric is also a PEP Graduate who recently met with Senator John Corynyn to tell him more about his business and the impact of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program).

Here are some photos of Cedric at the 2014 Houston eSchool Graduation Dinner. Cedric was recognized at the ceremony for his many contributions to PEP over the years, particularly his service as a mentor and employer to our recently released graduates.

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  1. Congratulations Cedric ! I used Cedric and Moved By Love to go to the Turkish Consul General’s house, collect his goods and bring them to me so I could send them to Turkey. The Consul General had just been promoted to Ambassador status and was reassigned to another country. The official Turkish residence here in Houston maintains status the same as the Consulate, while there you are actually on Turkish soil. I received nothing but compliments from the Ambassador and his wife. He confidentially told me if we made his wife happy we had accomplished quite a feat!!!

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