A Message from PEP Graduate, Greg L.

Posted: July 9, 2015 by Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) in About PEP

The following testimonial was written by PEP Class 13 Grad, Greg L.

I have arrived at this point in my life because of the decisions I made a long time ago. To be an asset to this world means being a good person, a good son, brother, husband, coworker, neighbor and member of society. I am serious about the things that I have said. I have shown that and feel as though I have made it a priority. I have put my best foot forward and the world has noticed.

Greg Labeet

I lived behind bars from the ages of 15-26. As a high school dropout with no work history or a stable family member to call upon, and an extensive criminal history, life was bleak… but I was hungry and had direction!

I was released in mid-2010 and I opted to go home because my family needed me and I felt that I was equipped to lead. The first application I turned in – I got the job! What was really amazing about that was that the position was sought after by applicants and employees. The interviewer looked down at my application towards “The dreaded background portion”, looked up, looked back down and closed the application. Then he asked when I would be able to start … thank you Lord! … When you’re serious about being an asset to this world, society will recognize it and respond accordingly.

I’ve obtained much of what I dreamed about in prison. PEP has equipped me with confidence. I have been able to achieve much more than I ever thought, because my views about my worth were limited. It has been four years in the making as I write this to you and I am living a more productive life than ever. There are many topics that I could speak upon but within all of them YOU the executive volunteer and donor have played a major role, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With Love and Respect,

Gregory L.
Class 13 Graduate

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