A Brother Helps a Brother

Posted: June 3, 2016 by wamjr60 in About PEP

The business plan competition event is the capstone of each and every class inside the Cleveland and Estes facilities. All of the participants work diligently towards becoming one of the final four men who will have the enviable and daunting task of pitching the business plan they have created to a room full of C-suite executives and their peers. And while every graduate of PEP is victorious, only one will emerge the winner of the business plan competition.

It was very clear to the PEP staff and executive judges that the crown for Cleveland’s Focused Fall Fifteen’s Business Plan Competition was highly sought after by the participants of the class. The first and second rounds of competition were particularly intense, so much so that for the first time in PEP history, twelve men (instead of the usual eight) were sent to the semifinal round of competition.

But in the end, John C. AKA “Fainting Goat,” with his business plan “Mas Leche Cereal and Coffee Bar” was named the winner of Focused Fall Fifteen’s Business Plan Competition.

But it doesn’t end there … in the spirit of Focused Fall Fifteen and their trend-setting style, another “first” occurred the moment John was announced as the winner of the competition. After the smoke from the competition cleared, it was discovered that John was led to his win by Class 9 graduate, Horace C. AKA “Porcupine”!  Horace had served as John’s Business Plan Advisor!

It is very difficult for the men to build a feasible business plan from the ground up because they do not have access to the internet and up-to-date research materials. For this reason, we enlist the help of business plan advisors in the “free world” who assist the men in the creation process by editing sections of their business plans and providing current market research. The communication between participant and advisor is facilitated by a PEP staff member.

Horace graduated PEP in August of 2008 and was released two months later. Soon after his release, Horace enrolled at the University of Houston. Today, Horace holds a BBA in Accounting and he is one class away from completing his Master’s degree. Needless to say, he was more than qualified to serve John as a business plan advisor.

PEP’s foundation is set in its Ten Driving Values, one of which is “Servant-Leader Mentality”. As Horace has demonstrated, our men live them daily … inside and outside the walls.


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