Santa Visits Cleveland and Santas Make Christmas brighter for 250 children

Posted: December 29, 2017 by wamjr60 in About PEP

Last Friday, Santa Claus took a break from his last minute preparations with a special early Christmas visit to the Cleveland Correctional Center. He met with every man on the unit, and thanks to Warden Upshaw, presented each man with a candy cane as he made the rounds. As he met each person his favorite line was, “I remember you, but probably haven’t see you since you were 6 or 7.” The men were excited to get their chance to say hello, and many of the men wanted to have their picture taken with Santa as well.

Santa is a new PEP volunteer named Ed Dolphin, and after his visit to Cleveland for the Business Plan Competition and Graduation, he was excited to return as his red suited, North Pole dwelling alter ego.

He brought a lot of Christmas cheer to everyone at Cleveland, and we thank him for making a diversion in his usual toy delivering schedule!

Thanks to the generosity of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Houston, more than 250 children of PEP men are having a brighter Christmas this year with clothing, toys, books and a few bicycles under the tree!  The Children’s Christmas Project is an annual effort to bring Christmas joy to many children across Texas and in other parts of the US.  This is the third year that St. Luke’s members have bought presents for PEP children during the month of November.  A big wrap party was held at the church on December 9th and the gifts were distributed in time for Christmas.  We thank everyone at St. Luke’s and particularly Meredith Davis and Alice King for their organization efforts, and Kristie Wisniewski and Edison Nguyen on the PEP staff for seeing the project through to completion.

To quote one mom, “You have no idea how big you made by baby smile.  She is still trying on her clothes.  The Hula Hoop…that will be an all-day thing.  I wish you could feel the joy in my heart.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart…one less stress for me.”



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