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Great news! Photos are now available from the Class #Transcendent 22 Kickoff … as well as their headshots and some special images from a recent Houston Press article on PEP!

See the whole gallery here:

Special thanks to our long-time photographer, Israel Thompson, for these amazing images. We especially love this shot of three graduates who now work for PEP …. Al Massey (Executive Relations Manager), Marcus Hill (Recruiter), and Charles Hearne (Development Associate).

Most PEP Staff members are also graduates, including Al Massey, Marcus Hill and Charles Hearne.

Most PEP Staff members are also graduates, including Al Massey, Marcus Hill and Charles Hearne.

Prison Entrepreneurship Program Class 20 Graduation PhotoThe final photos from PEP’s Class “Tenacious” 20 Business Plan Competition and Graduation are now available!

You can see all of the galleries here.

You can see the new gallery of Business Plan Competition photos here.

You can see the new gallery of group shots with our executives volunteers here.

Thank you!

Cheri Chafin Garcia Prison Entrepreneurship Program

PEP volunteer Cheri Chafin Garcia leads the other executives into prison!

The air is electric in the PEP office this week as we get ready to welcome another 105 men into our organization later this week. On Friday, July 19 we will host the Class 20 Kick-off at the Cleveland Correctional Center in Cleveland, Texas!

We would love for you to join us! Help us welcome our newest participants into the PEP family as we share inspiring stories of success from executives and PEP graduates. One-on-one time will also allow you to meet our new recruits! You can learn more and register at

We are also VERY happy to share two more amazing galleries of photos from our recently completed Class “Noble 19” Business Plan Competition. Check out the images of our over-achieving underdogs hard at work, duking it out in multiple rounds of an intense competition … at the end of which, none of our four finalists asked to be named winner. “We are all winners,” they declared to the enormous crowd of executives who joined us as judges:

Day 1 (Prelims and Semifinals):

Day 2 (Finals):


Our incredible photographer just added about 200 more pictures to the graduation gallery. Check out these uplifting images of families reunited, futures reformed and lives reborn through the power of PEP!

Thank you for your support of PEP. Only a couple of days left until we announce our final total towards the $100,000 challenge … have you made joined us yet?

I flip for etiquette!

“I flip for etiquette!”

On Friday, September 21, 2012, over 50 executives joined us for our “Excellence in Etiquette” event at the Cleveland Correctional Center. Led by international etiquette guru and author Colleen Rickenbacher, our executives and participants  were able to learn the finer points of professional and personal etiquette.

Many business deals are lost or won in the first few minutes of meeting a person. Prospective employers can know a great deal about an applicant before they even enter the interview room. More than simply learning to “mind their manners,” our participants learned the art of etiquette from the boardroom to the dining room.

Check out our photos from the exquisite meal that we shared in the PEP Chow Hall and the lively conversation that we had afterwards!