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nacogdoches rotary

Brad C. and two PEP volunteers, Sherry P. and Carl. P, with a leader of the Rotary Club of Nacogdoches

The PEP Revolution rolls on … into Nacogdoches, Texas!

The local Rotary Club invited one of our graduates and two of our volunteers to share their story with the member of the club. Pictured here are the presenters, who spoke to over 100 people in an event that was later broadcast on television through KTRE (click here for the video).

(To learn more about Sherry’s son Kevin, read his guest blog here or watch his video here)

We are so very grateful for the many people who join us in our effort to transform the prison system.


Please take a moment to watch the video below … and then share it!

Nacogdoches couple touts prison entrepreneurship program that changed son's life

Check out this 2-minute video interview of James Cornish, PEP graduate and founder of Cornish Trucking!

James Cornish from Francisco Castro on Vimeo. This video was originally featured in The Houston Press’s article on PEP.

(If that video will not play, click here)

Check out this awesome video by the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas that profiles PEP Class 6 graduate Kevin R., the founder and CEO of a limousine and car-for-hire services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Thanks to support from PEP, Kevin launched his transportation business earlier this year. He has already generated over $30,000 in the first four months of operations and is preparing to add a second car soon.

Most importantly, Kevin has maintained a great relationship with his son (as he wrote previously here).

Please join us in congratulating Kevin (and thanking the United Way for this great video)!

At PEP, nearly in 1 in 3 donations that we receive is from a formerly incarcerated graduate of our program. Many of them are now registered as PEP Partners, making monthly donations to support our work. For many, these gifts are significant financial sacrifices that they make in order to help their brothers who are still in prison.

To understand what could transform a felon into a philanthropist, we asked several of them: “What are you thankful for?”

May their answers remind you of the many reasons that each of us has to be grateful this holiday season!

If the video below is not working, please click here to watch it on a separate page.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Laura & John Arnold Foundation and The Giving Library, we were able to produce the video below as the introduction to a series of videos about PEP. This video features PEP’s Prison Initiatives Manager, Pat McGee, who shares his story along with a bold vision for the future of PEP. Enjoy… and please share!

Johnny made a terrible decision when he was a teenager that resulted in him spending the next 15 years of his life behind bars. Feeling like an 18-year old trapped inside of a 33-year old’s body, Johnny faced many challenges after he was released … but thanks to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, he was matched with a mentor to guide his transition. That mentor, Guillermo Mendoza, previously wrote about their work together in our guest blog here.

In this video, the two men share the power of their relationship and how they are working together to support each other.

Read similar testimonials from other graduates here.

Cornel WestPEP was interviewed by Dr. Cornel West on “The State of the Black Economy” at The Green Space. Check out the attached video at the 46:30.

This past December, PEP’s Chief Development Officer Jeremy Gregg was invited to speak at the Dallas chapter of the international TED conference (TEDxSMU). His 6-minute talk, “Rethinking Prison,” is posted below.

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Last week, we interviewed several newly released PEP graduates who were preparing to celebrate their first Thanksgiving after being released from prison. We asked them to share why they were grateful — and we think their answers might surprise you!

Please click the photo below to watch our three-minute video:

thanksgiving 2013