Be a Guest Blogger for PEP

PEP Guest Blogger

“This is gonna make a great blog!”

The Prison Entrepreneurship Program is not your typical nonprofit organization by any means! In fact, we are less of an “organization” than a community.

This community has many faces: our participants, their families, the volunteers who join us in prison, the volunteers who join us in the “free world,” the employers who hire our graduates, the leaders who serve on our advisory boards, the trustees who serve on our governing board and our staff members (almost all of whom originally began their relationship with PEP in one of those other roles!).

With such a dynamic team, we bring hundreds of different perspectives to serve our mission. Our hope is that this blog can become a source for sharing those perspectives with each other and with the larger community of supporters wrapped around PEP!

To do, we invite you to join us as a guest blogger!

The process is simple:

  1. Read a few of our other blogs (especially the blogs from other guest bloggers);
  2. Think about one of the stories that you tell people when they ask you “Why do you go to prison?” or “What is PEP?”;
  3. Write up that story (ideally in less than 500 words). Even 4-5 paragraphs is great;
  4. Email your story to Jeremy Gregg;
  5. We’ll review it within a few business days and let you know if it will work for our blog.

That’s it! TAH-DAH! You, too, can wear the proud title of “PEP Guest Blogger.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    UrbaneKnight was Here! God Bless.

  2. Ray Strickland says:

    My son was selected to attend this program.Do you know when the next class starts? He is so excited to go.Thank you.

  3. Chadwick Harris says:

    I have a good friend who is graduating from this program. He is excited about entering his new life and utilizing the training and knowledge skill he has learned. Congratulation Johnny Brown.

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