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We received the following note from our Houston Advisory Board member, Nancy White, who provided dinner last night to our graduates living in PEP’s Caleb House.

“Great night of fellowship, sharing and laughter…….along with pulled pork, pintos with ham, and jalapeno cheese cornbread!”

These family dinners are not just a way for our graduates to enjoy some good food. They serve a far more important mission — building genuine community around the lives of both our executive volunteers and our graduates. If you are interested in helping us with these important events in either the Dallas or the Houston areas, please contact us.

Dinner at the Caleb House

Staff and volunteers sharing a meal with PEP graduates at the Caleb House

While we are proud of all that our participants accomplish within the prison, the hard work begins once they are released.

The first 90 days present tremendous challenges. In addition to the obvious burden of securing job interviews, our participants have to find reliable transportation to those interviews. For some, securing a form of identification such as a driver’s license or birth certificate can involve hours and hours of paperwork, phone calls and riding the bus from place to place.

At the same time, they are also dealing with a whole new world. Some of our participants have literally never used the Internet and never seen a smartphone, let alone used a tablet computer to fill out a job application.

During these challenging times, an encouraging word from a friend means a tremendous amount.

To provide more opportunities for our Houston-area volunteers to connect with our graduates during this critical period, we offer the following opportunities to join us for a meal and some fellowship:

  • Every Tuesday evening … dinner at the PEP office for recently released graduates attending our eSchool program. This is a weekly class taught by volunteer executives and entrepreneurs, with a focus on how to apply the principles that our participants learned during PEP’s in-prison programs. We share a meal for around 45  minutes beforehand, and you are welcome to stay for the presentation (or to leave after dinner). RSVP is required so that we can plan for your arrival.
  • 2nd Monday evening of each month… dinner at the Caleb House, one of our two transition homes in the Houston area. This is “family dinner” that lasts an hour or two, and provides a great opportunity to get to know our released graduates.
  • 4th Monday evening of each month… same as above, only this is dinner at the Covington House.

PLEASE NOTE: An RSVP is required to attend. Please contact Al Massey at if you are interested in joining us, or have any questions. We can then provide details on timing and location.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to transform the lives and families of our participants!