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This year, PEP is very proud to announce that our Houston Employer of the Year is Cedric Hornbuckle … the charismatic leader behind Moved by Love, LLC.

(Cedric is also a PEP Graduate who recently met with Senator John Corynyn to tell him more about his business and the impact of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program).

Here are some photos of Cedric at the 2014 Houston eSchool Graduation Dinner. Cedric was recognized at the ceremony for his many contributions to PEP over the years, particularly his service as a mentor and employer to our recently released graduates.

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The Prison Entrepreneurship Program and some of its successful graduates were recently featured in two different articles in The Fiscal Times:

Meet America’s New Small-Business Owners: Ex-Cons

 7 Ex-Jailbirds Who Made It Big in Business

At PEP, our goal is to do far more than simply turn ex-offenders into entrepreneurs. Our bold vision for the future involves:

Releasing Potential.
Empowering Innovation.
Transforming Communities.

Our country is struggling under the huge burden of a soaring prison population alongside persistently deep unemployment (which is particularly challenging for ex-offenders, as described here). Despite these daunting challenges, PEP is delivering unparalleled results thanks to your support:

  • 100% employment within 90 days of release … with an average of 26 days “from prison to paycheck”!
  • Less than 5% recidivism after three years of release
  • Over 100 businesses started

And yet, while we are proud of our work, it is not PEP that is the star of these stories. The beacon of light that shines hope into our broken world is brightest within the lives of our successful graduates such as those featured in the stories above.

How can you help us?

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