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Prison Entrepreneurship Program Class 20 Graduation PhotoThe final photos from PEP’s Class “Tenacious” 20 Business Plan Competition and Graduation are now available!

You can see all of the galleries here.

You can see the new gallery of Business Plan Competition photos here.

You can see the new gallery of group shots with our executives volunteers here.

Thank you!

Class 20 Pitch Day at the prison entrepreneurship program

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Our photos from Class 20’s Pitch Day are now posted on Zenfolio! See them all here.

Thank you to the many executive volunteers who made this our largest Pitch Day event yet!

PEP Graduation in Prison

This December 13, 2013 will mark a a major milestone for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. On that day, we will watch our 1,000th graduate cross the stage and receive a PEP diploma.

Your support made this possible.

We would love for your to join us that day in prison for the Class 20 Graduation! You will not only see over 80 members of “Tenacious Twenty” earn their Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business, but you will be able to meet their families and loved ones.

Friday, December 13, 2013
2:00 – 5:00 pm
Cleveland, Texas
(45 minutes north of Houston)

To register, go to www.PEPrsvp.orgThis site provides directions and logistics about the event

See you in prison!

PEP Kickoff in the Gym

Thanks to the tremendous growth in our program, Class 20 Kickoff moved to the gym!

Last week, we had an amazing Kickoff for Class 20 inside the prison. Over 70 executives were able to help us welcome 105 men into “Tenacious Twenty.” We had so many people in attendance that we had to move the event out of the PEP room and into the gymnasium!

After introductions and some preliminary programming, the executives and participants dove into a few hours of one-on-one engagement. Both sides were encouraged to be open and authentic with the other, and the energy filled every corner of the gymnasium with a tremendous sense of hope, love and gratitude.

Here are a few comments from our executives’ feedback forms about the best thing that happened on the day:

“I was inspired by the PEP participants’ stories.”

“A new group embraced hope.”

“Establish personal relationships and make a difference in people’s life. Watch the glow and happiness in everyone’s faces.”

“Seeing someone that was scared to speak get the courage to do it.”

“Great men, great speakers, Holy Spirit present”

“Experience the unparalleled enthusiasm of the participants.”

“Seeing the sincerely and desire to change in the class 20 participants and the appreciation they have for the volunteers/execs. Made me want to come again.”

“First time coming to prison – making connections with all the PEP classmates was incredible and rejuvenating. Thank you!”

“Being inspired by the men and their variety of passions.”

“I loved being able to spend so much one on one time with the awesome men of class 20!”

“It was a blessing to connect with another human being at such a ‘real’ level.”

“Seeing guys genuinely filled with hope that their life and future can be transformed.”

“Having time to get to know new friends.”

“Experiencing the program and seeing the potential in the room. Thanks for helping people to have an opportunity to change and use their talents in a productive manner.”

“Saw a room full of opportunity and new beginnings.”

“Seeing men with a heart that believes a person can change.”

“I was able to get over myself and my issues and let God use me to encourage someone else.”

“Seeing this beautiful program and meeting these amazing men.”

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Would you like to experience this??? Well, you can! Just go to to learn about our upcoming events and how you can join us.

I Flip for PEPLots going on this week at the Cleveland Correctional Facility … including the launch of Class 20 of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program!

Today, we host our Internal Kickoff event. Most of the nearly 110 men who are entering PEP have been connected to us for months, including our three-month “Prep Class” called Principles of Effective Leadership. 

Today’s event is a celebration of their entrance to PEP with our staff and graduates from past classes. The event that is decidedly NOT like the typical prison experience, as the room is decorated for a party and the atmosphere is one of fun, fellowship and hope!

This is all in preparation for our official Kickoff on July 19, 2013. You can learn more about this event, and register to attend, here:

You can also see photos from the last class’ kickoff event here:

This week also marks the two-week countdown towards our fundraising campaign. As we announced a month ago, we received a challenge grant of $100,000 that will match EVERY DOLLAR that you donate between now and our July 19, 2013 kickoff.

Your gift of $100 will instantly become $200 through this campaign.

To learn how you can double your impact, please visit our campaign site:

Together, we can transform prison!

David Blanchard in prison

Executive volunteer David Blanchard entering prison through PEP

On July 19, 2013, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program will launch Class 20 with one of our largest classes to date!

This class also will mark an important milestone for PEP. Our 1,000th graduate will walk across stage with Class 20 on December 13, 2013!

Your support of PEP will make this possible. Donors like you provide 100% of the funds that we need to deliver our programs, and we could not operate without your gifts.

We have received a challenge grant that will match every dollar that we raise up to $100,000 … but only if we can raise the funds by July 19, 2013. You can turn every dollar that you donate into twice the impact thanks to the generosity of our Governing Board, who are providing this amazing opportunity to PEP.

You can track our progress on this challenge live here,
and also see the contributions from others.

Funds will ensure that these men receive all of the support that they need to earn not only a diploma from PEP, but a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business (see link here to learn more).

It takes around $1,500 to sponsor a participant’s quest for their college certificate. Half of those funds are being put up by our Board of Directors — but only if you help us to raise the other half.

Help us to beat this challenge by donating today!

See you in prison,

Jeremy Gregg
Chief Development Officer