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charles and israel

What better day than today to celebrate transformation?

These two dapper young men are not only PEP graduates, they are now PEP staff members who are also going to college thanks to some generous donors … this photo was taken before they walked into an event to thank the people who paid for their scholarships.

Whatever you have done in your past, your future will be decided by what you do TODAY. Thank you to Charles H. and Israel E. for inspiring us to dream bigger, live bolder, work harder, and love deeper!

At PEP, nearly in 1 in 3 donations that we receive is from a formerly incarcerated graduate of our program. Many of them are now registered as PEP Partners, making monthly donations to support our work. For many, these gifts are significant financial sacrifices that they make in order to help their brothers who are still in prison.

To understand what could transform a felon into a philanthropist, we asked several of them: “What are you thankful for?”

May their answers remind you of the many reasons that each of us has to be grateful this holiday season!