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We just received the following brief note from the child of a man who is currently in our prison program. She posted this in response to some photos of him at a PEP event, and we wanted to share:

“To know and actually see that my daddy is working hard makes me smile and it motivates me to do better also! I’m glad to see all of you guys doing well also keep your heads up and chests out!!! I love you daddy!!

Throughout the year, PEP’s two Family Liaisons work hard to connect with hundreds of family members whose loved ones are in our prison program. Through their efforts, we are able to rebuild damaged connections between family members and ensure that our participants leave a better legacy in their eyes of their parents, spouses and loved ones.

Our work is far larger than what goes on inside of prison. By supporting PEP, you are building a movement whose ripples are changing thousands of lives across the country each year!

A graduate of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), Gilberto spent a total of 14 years in prison. His last sentence was for eight years, during which he spent 5 and a half years living in segregation — completely isolated for 23 hours out of every day.

During this challenging time, his thoughts were not on himself. They were on his young son who was on the outside, wondering if his daddy would ever come home. He was still a baby when Gilberto was locked up for the second time, and Gilberto knew that he had to change in order to keep his son from following in his footsteps.

This is their story.