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Not even the driving wind could blow away the giving spirit at Insperity — today their awesome Houston team held a clothing drive for PEP. Below are the photos of our “high speed” van loading!

If your company, civic group or faith community would be interested in hosting a clothing drive for PEP, please contact us at Thank you!


Our good friends at Insperity are holding a clothing drive for PEP this week!

For years, these wonderful corporate citizens have provided a loyal group of volunteers for the monthly events in our in-prison Business Plan Competition. Many of them continue to volunteer in the “free world” with PEP, including advocating for us through their Community Involvement Program.

Their generosity will help us to provide our graduates with the most essential gifts that PEP offers: Restored Hope and a New Identity.

If your business or faith community would be interested in hosting a clothing drive for PEP, please contact us at Thank you!

Last Friday, a crowd of executives, entrepreneurs and investors joined the Prison Entrepreneurship Program at the Cleveland Correctional Facility for our Class 17 Pitch Day. The event went exceptionally well . . . but don’t take our word for it!

Check out the following email sent to our CEO (Bert Smith) and Executive Relations Manager (Al Massey) from one of our awesome volunteers from Insperity:

InsperityHello Bert and Al!

Thank you for an awesome “Pitch day” this past Friday.  When I first attended PEP with Iris, I must admit I was skeptic.  All it took was that first visit to prison, and I am convinced that PEP is an amazing program!

Here it is, Monday and I’m ready for a hectic, yet hopefully productive work and school week!  Yep, I’m dragging, so I take a deep breath and say, “I can do this”. I’m coming off of the emotional high from “Pitch Day” this last Friday, and low and behold, I get another package from PEP?!?  Reading the thank you notes puts me on that high all over again!  Now I KNOW this week will be AWESOME!    I can’t help but thank God for the life changing blessing I have gained from being a “repeat attender” to PEP!

The thank you cards are not only in the most beautiful penmanship I have ever seen, but the heart filled words of thanks overflow my heart with emotion and gratitude!  I don’t think the participants know that I should be thanking them for the impact they make in my life. Each time I’ve received a package of thank you notes, they came at just the perfect time, one would think I am the one in prison!

Every time I visit, I am renewed by the changes and growth that I see in the participants. A sense of new beginnings, hope and courage is restored, by seeing God’s love at work (and in prison no less!).  It’s amazing to see the transformation that can take place when we open our hearts and are willing to be vulnerable and overcome our fears…this is what keeps me coming back.

Nevertheless, I want to thank you for dedicating your lives to PEP!  I’m looking forward to seeing you at graduation!


Adelee Mirelez


Thank you, Adelee! We appreciate you and everyone else from Insperity.

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