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Below are the names of the Class 22 Participants along with the names of their businesses, the industry in which their businesses operate (with location), and their “jingles.” Enjoy!

Casey A. Lone Star Land Management Bulldozer Service (Dallas, TX) Where our design team creates your design dreams.
Eric A. A.R.E. (Allied Renewable Energies) Energy (Nation Wide) We are solving tomorrows problems today so our children won’t have to.
McHenry A. Community Homes Home Remodeling (Houston, TX) Where restoring communities one home at a time is in our design.
Salvador A. Fast & Furious Hot Shot Services Trucking (Midland, TX) Where we offer quality services with a need for SPEED!
Alexander B. First Lady Mobile Boutique Retailer (Houston, TX) Every lady has beauty in them, let us bring it out of you.
Brandon B. All-A-Board! Moving Service Moving (Austin, TX) Whether the move is short or long hauling, All-A-Board! Will safely moves your belongings.
Charles B. Breaking Barriers Linguistics Tutorial (Irving, TX) Where language is never a Barrier!
David B. Grease Patrol Service (Houston, TX) Where we find your grime, to give you a peace of mind.
Joseph B. Salad Topia Food (Houston, TX) A Taste of Perfection!
Marcus B. Tantrum Media & Marketing Marketing (Houston, TX) We are throwing a FIT about getting the attention your business needs.
Michael B. Chefs on the Go Food (San Antonio, TX) Creating memories and smiles one dish at a time.
Michael B. Stonz N’ Such Quality Stonecrafts Construction (Houston, TX) We strive for excellence and our work is guaranteed
Rickie B. Motions Towing and Storage Moving (Dallas, TX) When I move you move, just like that!
Thomas B. Laughing Pelican Bistro (LPB) Food (Houston, TX) HA HA HA,The Laughing Pelican Bistro where the food is no joke!
Walter B. Unique Designs by Walt Flooring (Denton/Amarillo, TX) The guy that not only brings your ideas to life, but builds friendships.
Xavier B. Campus Compass Technology (Houston, TX) Stay Connected!
Aaron C. Upward Call Tree Service & More Tree Trimming (Kerrville, TX) ” Where your call is as important to us as the call from above.”
Christopher C. Sky’s the Limit  (Houston/Dallas, TX) We set the stage high getting to the bottom of your problems.
Crispin C. Crown Commercial Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration A/C (Houston, TX) “No time like comfort time, when your needs are my deeds.”
Edward C. Celistics Barbershop Cosmetology (Fort Worth, TX) Celistics Barbershop; Ensuring flawless & sculpted design each & every time.
James C. Tipsy Taxi Transportation Service (Houston, TX) If you cant drive we’ll keep you alive and make sure your vehicle is by your side!
James C. J’s Lawn Service Service (Crosbyton, TX) If your grass is to high, J’s your guy!
Joseph C. Tex-Mex Labor Solutions Employment (Brownsville, TX) Where solving your labor needs is our specialty.
Julian C. Chop Shop Food (Amarillo, TX) Choppin up the competition, one pork chop at a time!
Richard C. OFF THE STREET FAMILY OUTREACH Counseling (Lockhart, TX) Where we dare to care, by helping change the world we share.
Benjamin D. X-treme Waterpark Entertainment (Lubbock, TX) X-treme Waterpark, where we challenge your strength, agility and endurance in Xtra-ordinary ways.
Dean D. Brand-a-Brand Workshop Brand Development (Houston ,TX) When you need your image to be outstanding, let Build-a-Brand Workshop create your branding.
Jerime D. Sky Voltage Environmental Energy Systems Sales / Services (Houston ,TX) Where you can choose to use your God-Givin Power.
Mark D. A Caring Lawn & Landscape Design landscaping/Service (Houston, TX) Developing relationship, creating smiles, and beautifying our communities one lawn at a time!
Heath E. The Workshop ” Gym and Lounge” Fitness (Richardson, TX) On or off the clock, the workshop is the stop!
Amos F. “Suits You” Landscape & Designs Landscaping/Service (Houston, TX) Proud founder and owner of “Suits You” landscape and designs where we take pride in what we do and the beauty of our skill suits you!
Jarvis F. Fitz Ribs Galore & More Food (Austin, TX) If you wanna satisfy your taste, Fitz Ribs is the place.
Jerry F. Advertising Lighting Plus More Electrical (Fort Worth, TX) Bringing customer to your door one light at a time.
William F. Pic 7 Design Clothing (San Angelo, TX) We’ll make your dreams a REALITY!
Baldomero G. Reliable Trucking Company Trucking (Fort Worth, TX) The best deals on 18 wheels!
Gerard G. Spectrum Commercial Painting Commercial Painting (Dallas, TX) Protecting your brand with trend changing colors and life style enhancements!
Hector G. Precision Cuts Cosmetology (Houston, TX) To have you looking and feeling the best, Precision Cuts is a cut above the rest.
Jamaal G. B-Sure No Ones Left Behind Security Security (Houston, TX) Got to much on your mind, use B-Sure no one’s left behind. Just in case to keep everyone safe
John G. The Master Auto Inspections Automotive (Spring, TX) We keep you rolling
Steven G. This Food Be Blessed Catering Food (Woodland, TX) It would be a blessing catering to you!
Aaron H. Isolated Fragrances Fragrances (Dallas, TX) “Isolate u’r freshness with conservative quality”
Aighirey H. Global Records Entertainment (Dallas, TX) Where our goals is to take your music global
Brandon H. S.H.I.N.E. Records Entertainment (Nashville, TN) Shining through music!
Christopher H. Ecocentric Rendering (Houston, TX) We ensure responsible disposal of your waste vegetable oil.
Dustin H. Service (Houston, TX) If you find yourself out of time, and in a bind, go to where we’ll ease your mind and be your gopher, and we will go for this and go for that.
Frank H. Wall 2 Wall Janitorial Janitorial (Dallas, TX) where we provide quality services for facility care.
Isaac H. Fresh Catch Food (Palacious, TX) For the best catch call FRESH CATCH!
Jeremy H. Handle It Employment Service Staffing (Killeen, TX) Whether looking to employ or looking for employment.
Johnny H. Abstract Electrical and Shocking Designs Electrical (Dallas, TX) Abstract Electric and Shocking Design’s where we help you to unlock the art within your wire in which you desire- call us any hour when you need power and never fear cause we are near
Pedro H. Rollin’ Around Dynamik Sound Entertainment (Houston, TX) When you want to get a ROCKIN’, we’ll get it ROLLIN’ promptly and at your convenience to fully entertain you with what America loves to do.
Stephen H. A-Z Flooring Flooring (Houston, TX) We do it from wall to wall
Adrian J. Cut ‘N’ Up Cosmetology (Houston, TX) When you need it cut down Cut ‘N’ Up is around and when you want it cut right, we’ll cut it on site. This is where quality and convenience unite!
Kenneth J. Burritos & Wrapps Food (Houston, TX) We specialize in Burritos and it’s a Wrap!
Shon J. New Life Landscape Architects Landscaping/Service (Houston, TX) At New Life we bring things to life
Thomas J. Just US Kennels Animal Husbandry (Argo, TX) Dogs? We got Dogs!
Ryan K. Keilman Land Services Arbor care/ Landscaping (Austin, TX) Where we specialize in all Arbor care and landscape design.
Adrian L. Hands On Demand-Massage Therapy Massage Therapy (Houston, TX) Hands On Demands… where when you need a massage… call us, and we’ll get there in a rush!
Juan L. Make It Right Construction & Remodeling Home Remodeling (Lubbock, TX) “Wall to wall we’ll do it all” Top to bottom we remodel!
Randy L. Made In The Shade Construction (Houston, TX) “Don’t let the sun ruin your family’s fun, call Made in the shade… we got you covered.”
William L. Fitness Guru Fitness (Dallas, TX) Improving the quality of life one hour at a time!
 Shu M. Master Massage Healing Massage Therapy (Corpus Christi, TX) Taking the pressure off of life.
Arturo M. The Mobile Masterpiece Art Services (Houston, TX) If you see it and want it, just say it and we’ll spray it.
Barry M. Absolute Paint Painting (Lubbock, TX) Paint… Its not just what we do its our name.
Bryan M. Dr. F.I.N.E. Gym Fitness (Houston, TX) Dr. Fine(discreet, reshaping, for, individuals, needing, exercise) Where if you’re looking for a fresh start- men come to Dr. FINE and we’re show you a caring heart.
Chase M. Print On… Screen Printing (Houston, TX) We print anything in any season on any item within reason
Chris M. New Image Fitness Fitness (Houston, TX) We generate total transformation through Fitness and innovation
Christopher M. Dynamic Interior Resolutions Construction / Cabinetry (Dallas / Fort Worth, TX) We offer resolve from the inside out.
Eric M. Texas Bug Bullies Pest Control (Dallas, TX) We are here to eliminate what’s buggin’ you!
Everitt M. Superior Surfaces Flooring (Humble, TX) “We Provide elegance for life”
Joseph M. CHIPPER’S Tree Trimming Services Tree Trimming (Houston, TX) Where we are rooted in giving TREE-mendous service.
Lamarcus M. Moore Sweet Bakery and Café Food (Irving, TX) If you want Moore treat, we have Moore Sweet’s
Martin M. Refined, Restoration & Real Estate  (Cleburne, TX) Restoring the American Dream one house at a time.
Scott M. Stacked Living Movers & Storage Moving (Conroe, TX) We will move your whole world!
Russell N. Contacts to Contracts Construction / Sales (Deer Park, TX) Here is the deal, let’s us do what we do, Contacts to Contracts, will work for you!
Juan O. J.O.’s Handyman Service Constuction (San Antonio, TX) Where we are not your average Joe.
Labarros O. Exquisite Wear and Accessories  (Dallas, TX) “Where you do not just show up, You Stand Out!”
Barry P. Acumen Medical Group, L.L.C. Medical (Houston, TX) When you get sick, you’re not alone. Our doctors treat you in your home.
Brian P. Capital City’z Fitness Foods Food (Austin, TX) Providing healthy food to keep your body running smooth.
Cary P. Beyond Beauty and Cuts Cosmetology (Houston, TX) Where you are treated like family no Ifs, Ands, or Buts!
Emanuel P. Lost Memories Photography Photography (Dallas, TX) We freeze memories so you can have them for a lifetime.
Enrique P. Execution Freight System Trucking (Fort Worth, TX) where we specialize in the transportation of your material.
Gabriel P. Revoltz Paintballing Entertainment (Robstown, TX) Where nothing else matters, but painting memories.
Nicholas P. Don Milano Fashion Attire (Houston, TX) Don’t just be confident, wear your confidence by Don Milano
Samuel P. Precise Logistics Trucking (Dallas, TX) Because our mission is to move your freight with precision.
Javier Q. J.J.’s Playground & Accessories  (Dallas, TX) Where we unfold a backyard adventure for your children’s and more.
Alfonzia R. Smooth Sailing Limo Transportation Public Transportaion (DFW, TX) Smooth Sailing Limo Transportation arrive in style to your destination!
Carlton R. Real Estate to Innovate Home Remodeling (Houston, TX) Where building your dreams is our way of life
Denny R. Precision Commerical Services INC. Construction (Wolfe City, TX) where better building for your business is our business.
Joe R. JORO Herbicide Spraying Service Herbicide (Freeport, TX) Let us know your location, we handle agrilcuture and vegetation.
Jose R. Helping Hands for Harboring Hearts Transional Housing (Houston, TX) A place where bad past and new beginning cross, is Helping Hands for Harboring Hearts!
Jose R. The Beach Bum Water Sports Service (Corpus Christi, TX) When life is a beach, we’re #1 for fun under the sun!
Jose R. Event Planning (Houston, TX) Where every memory starts with an event… Your Event!
Martin R. Marty Marts Mobile Custom Washing & Detailing Car Detailing (Pasadena, TX) If your running late, or you just don’t have the time, call on Marty Mart and we will give your car a shine.
Marty R. Pay It Forward Welding & Fabrication Welding (Houston, TX) With us it’s a win win situation!
Todd R. Structe Roofing & Exteriors Home Remodeling (Conroe, TX) When your roof is leaking and your paint is inferior. Just call the guys at Structure Roofing & Exterior.
William R. Coast 2 Coast Transport Trucking (Houston, TX) Doing what we love to do, for you!
Arthur S. Good Steward Janitorial Service Janitorial (Dallas, TX) “We’re the Best at cleaning your Mess, Put us to the Test and we’ll do the Rest.”
Christopher S. Kairos Smooth Taste Food (Houston, TX) There’s nothing smoother, than a Kairos Smoothie
Corey S. Reliable Remodeling & Renovations Home Remodeling (Beaumont, TX) If you can conceive it, we’ll  achieve it!
Dantonio S. Date Nites Entertainment (Fort Worth, TX) Tired of going on boring dates? Tired of boring on-line dating sites? Come hang with us at DateNites
Harold S. MircoTechs, INC. Technology (Dallas, TX) We Support Technology
James S. Bama’s BBQ and Catering Services Food (Houston, TX) Bama’s deeps south BBQ!
Johnathon S. New Beginnings Social Development (Houston, TX) Where we destroy bad habits and create new ones!
Roderick S. Eazy Deal Motors Car Sales (Dallas, TX) Where we make buying your car Eazzzy
Bobby T. Retailer (Austin, TX) “You don’t have to wait until after Thanksgiving for the biggest sale of the year. Just visit, where you can find end-of-the-year sales, year round.”
Demetri T. G.O.D.L.I.F.E. MusicGroupInc. Entertainment (Houston, TX) “God’s melody beats in the heart of man, and our purpose, is to sound it through the surface”
Larry T. Advantage Auto Sales Car Sales (Houston, TX) Come on by Advantage Auto where everybody has a chance to drive away in a new car.
Wayne T. We Cut 4 You Cosmetology (Houston, TX) It’s no other substitute for what we do, we cut for you!
Willie T. Serenity Outreach Society Substance Abuse (Montgomery County) Transforming today’s youth into tomorrows leaders.
Edgar V. Cup of Art Coffee Shop Beverage / Gallery (Houston, TX) At Cup of Art Coffee Shop we believe that a great cup of coffee is meant to be experienced like a a great work of art, in a hip atmosphere and at the right price. Now, that’s a good value.
Rodolfo V. Unique Touch Scratch and Dent Removal Automotive (Houston, TX) IF you got a scratch or dent that needs repair, call Unique Touch we’ll get someone there!
Decorian W. The Sports Lounge Food (Arlington, TX) Come on down to the Sport Lounge’s where you, family and friends can have fun again!
Dylan W. Executive Brothers Catering Food (Dallas, TX) Professional service & exceptional quality, for the executive environment
Houston W. Finishing Touch Make Ready (Houston, TX / Dallas, TX) When the moving mess becomes too much call the Pro’s at Finishing Touch.
James W. Global Mobile Faster Food Food (Houston, TX) We hear your voices for a variety of choices
Jason W. Foxhole Entertainment Gaming (Houston, TX) “Where we bring competitive gaming to its FINEST”
John W. HeartFelt Deliveries Vocal Service Entertainment (Vernon, TX) If you feel it, we’ll express it. Where no other service, can contest it!
John W. Curb Appeal Customs Construction (Dallas, TX) Where we make dreams real, and give homes curb appeal.
Justice W. Justice Comfort Homes Construction / Insulations (Houston, TX) If you want a comfortable home, just ask for JUSTICE.
Leslie W. 1st M-Pression Chair Designer (Houston, TX) Where we do our best to release your stress
Marrin W. Special-T. Screen Printing Silk Screen (Henderson, KY) If t-shirts is what you need, we design extraordinary Tees to pleases.
Terrance W. Bulzye Pressure Washing Power Washing (Lufkin, TX) A new business on a mission to provide a fair rate price keeping customers happy with their homes or business looking nice.
Antonio Z. C.H.R. Custom Home Remodeling Construction (Houston, TX) We’re Innovation start at your front door.