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The following was written by an employer of a PEP graduate. Keith Berry is the General Manager – Dallas for Hazel’s Hot Shot. His email is reposted with his permission.

I wanted to take the time and let you know how pleased we are with Richard. Richard is doing a great job for us and exemplifies the type of individuals we want representing Hazels – and I’m sure you want representing PEP. You should be proud of the job Richard is doing and take pride in knowing PEP prepared Richard to enter back into society with the confidence he can and will succeed. Richard has taken grasp of the opportunity Hazel’s offered him and he has a bright future ahead of him with Hazel’s.

His professionalism, tenacity and determination to succeed is commendable – and he is the epitome of a model Hazel’s driver.

With the success we are experiencing with Richard – we are interested in locating the same type of individual (s) for our Houston office.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Keith R. Berry
General Manager – Dallas
Hazels Hot Shot