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Calling all PEP supporters!

Graduate Corey M. has been approved for a $5,000 loan for his organic gardening business in Houston. He now needs YOUR help to raise the loan capital.

This is loan (NOT a donation). You can invest as little as $5 and you will be paid back over two years through Kiva.

Will you invest at least $5 today?

Learn more here:

Kiva Loan to Prison Entrepreneurship Program GraduateThanks to a new partnership with Kiva, PEP graduates can now receive ZERO-INTEREST loans up to $5,000. These loans are “crowd funded,” meaning that individuals like you provide the capital for the loans.

These are NOT gifts. You will be repaid monthly over a two-year period as our graduates repay the loan (and we are only endorsing those whom we feel certain will do so).

Better still, if you are new to Kiva, your loans will be MATCHED by a private foundation … meaning that if you invest $100 in a PEP graduate’s business, another lender will match your investment with another $100 (for a total investment of $200 in a business owned by a PEP graduate).

Here is one of our current loans that needs your help … please consider this amazing investment opportunity, which will deliver powerful returns in the form of changed lives:

Thank you!