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Check out this awesome video by the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas that profiles PEP Class 6 graduate Kevin R., the founder and CEO of a limousine and car-for-hire services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Thanks to support from PEP, Kevin launched his transportation business earlier this year. He has already generated over $30,000 in the first four months of operations and is preparing to add a second car soon.

Most importantly, Kevin has maintained a great relationship with his son (as he wrote previously here).

Please join us in congratulating Kevin (and thanking the United Way for this great video)!

Johnny made a terrible decision when he was a teenager that resulted in him spending the next 15 years of his life behind bars. Feeling like an 18-year old trapped inside of a 33-year old’s body, Johnny faced many challenges after he was released … but thanks to the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, he was matched with a mentor to guide his transition. That mentor, Guillermo Mendoza, previously wrote about their work together in our guest blog here.

In this video, the two men share the power of their relationship and how they are working together to support each other.

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