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bank of americaPrison is a storehouse of untapped potential.

Thankfully — Bank of America invested $20,000 earlier this year to help us release that potential through education and life skills training.

“Bank of America is proud to support Prison Entrepreneurship Program for their passion to empower reformed inmates through re-entry programs that help transform lives,” said Hong Ogle, Houston President, Bank of America. “Over the last 11 years, the impact of this program in our community has been far reaching. We have witnessed firsthand how supportive, educational programs help men successfully re-enter society, secure jobs and become responsible, successful citizens and contributors in our community.”

Together, we will ensure that 100% of PEP’s graduates (every single one!) leaves prison with the ability to secure jobs within 90 days of release.

We are proud to partner with a bank that believes in empowering people to transform broken lives into beacons of hope! — at PEP.