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Uncle KevinDonors like you provide 100% of the funding that we need to run our program in the prison; we receive $0 from the government.

As an example, without including the significant costs of labor and other operational expenses, here is what we spend on each participant just to provide them with the basic program materials they need:
Entrepreneurship Textbook 82.50
Toastmasters Book 8.50
Financial Peace University Book 18.00
Men’s Life Book 3.50
Classroom Supplies 64.19
Event Supplies    118.31
TOTAL $295.00
This is $29,500 in books and supplies that we need to purchase for every 100 men in our program.

Will you sponsor at least one “Study Kit”
 with a gift of $295.00?
Or $82.50 to buy a new Entrepreneurship textbook?
Even a gift of $25.00 is enough to make an impact —
whatever you can afford, please make a gift today.

You can donate online at

Or, you donate by mail to:
Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Attn: Donation
P.O. Box 926274
Houston, TX 77292-6274

Thank you for your support!

Together, we are transforming inmates into successful entrepreneurs, stable citizens and loving fathers.