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Several PEP graduates have been released from prison lately … take a look at these photos snapped by our re-entry team.

Each of these men was picked up directly from prison by a fellow PEP graduate who now works for PEP as a re-entry coordinator. These re-entry coordinators will guide the growth and continuing transformation of these newly released men, each of whom will be put to the test in the “free world.”

Please join us in welcoming our brothers home!

crushing itRicky L, a class 18 graduate, was released from prison on Friday. The NEXT MORNING he went to a networking event … and met someone who was so impressed that he offered Ricky an interview. In true PEP form, he crushed the interview and landed the job!!!

Do we need to start calculating “employment within 24 hours”?!?

Way to go, Team PEP!!!!!