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David R, Class 18 Graduate

David R, Class 18 Graduate

One of PEP’s Ten Driving Values is “Servant Leadership Mentality.”

This idea is broadly discussed in all sorts of arenas … from prisons to corporate boardrooms. But the concept can be hard to understand without models. Thankfully, during their time in PEP, our participants meet hundreds of servant leaders who model this for them by attending PEP’s monthly in-prison events.

But this is not just about our volunteers.

In fact, while we love and appreciate our volunteers, the daily operations of our program simply could not function without the tremendous contributions of the incarcerated men who serve as our Servant Leaders. These are past graduates of PEP who return to our program every day to help with classes, to serve as peer educators, to support our events and to ensure that PEP can serve nearly 300 incarcerated men while having only a single staff member working in the prison each day.

Servant leadership is not just about giving a day of service, or living humbly; it is about radically transforming your core being so that everything that you do is in the service of others. This is a core identity that remains with our graduates after they are released.

Here is a great example of that. Last night, one of our Class 18 graduates, David R, posted the following note in his community:

If you or anyone you know in Amarillo have been incarcerated and have had trouble finding a job, developing a resume or gaining a better understanding of how to change their cognitive behavior, please message me with serious prospects only. I will only help those who want to help themselves. I have a certificate of Entrepreneurship from the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. Also, I have presented a business plan to multiple business executives. As well as completing Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. I want to help anyone I can with the skills have learned through PEP.”

Now THIS is what you call ‪Servant Leadership‬, people. David only returned to his home in Amarillo, where he is now raising his amazing son. He has a full-time job and plenty of things on his plate … but here he is, offering to help complete strangers to transform their lives.

We are very proud to call David our friend and PEP brother. With your continued support, we will be able to help many more men follow his path! Please support us at