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The Shine King of Texas with Cheri Garcia and Steve Harvey

The Shine King of Texas with Cheri Garcia and Steve Harvey

More GREAT NEWS from Kiva!

PEP Graduate Clarence Campbell (pictured to the right when he was profiled on the Steve Harvey show) was just approved by Kiva Zip for a $5,000, zero-interest loan! He will use the loans to build three stands and purchase the supplies to get them running. Clarence says:

I expect the purchase of those three stands in the American Airlines Center to increase my revenue and profits by $10,000.00 a month. I expect my business to be impacted greatly because I’m truly building a brand now. I hope to make my business a franchise all over the world. We’ll start right here by expanding my business with three new shoe shine stands.

Clarence is now crowd-funding loans (NOT gifts) from people like you. You will be repaid monthly over 2 years.

INCENTIVE: If we can secure 30 loans in the next two weeks, Kiva itself will invest $500 towards this loan!!!

Please check it out here:

You can invest as little as $5 – and you will be repaid! Again, this is not a gift. This is an investment in the future of Clarence’s business … and he will use the loan to purchase THREE stands and all the supplies that he need to create more jobs for other PEP graduates.